We live and breathe Ruby on Railsruby_rails

Open Source Projects

7Vals employees are active contributors or creators of the following open source initiatives

  • Private messaging Rails gem – Simple Private Messages
  • Data mapper adapter for the Hbase Stargate interface – DM HBase Adapter
  • Embed gravatars in Rail’s views – Gravatar_tag
  • SaaS based applications requiring independent/sequenced id’s gem- SequenceId
  • Enhancement of shipping gem to support printing of labels from UPS and Fedex- ActiveShipping
  • Enhancement of Rack::SSL gem to cater to scenarios of no subdomains – Rack::OpenID
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We offer the following Web Development Services

  • Social Media
    • Have a business that requires interaction with prospects or customers
    • Want to enhance the reach or improve word-of-mouth for your business idea
  • E-Commerce
    • Want a StoreFront developed with integration of Merchant Gateway(s) including Paypal, Authorize.net, Amazon Flexible Payments etc
    • Want to leverage open source CMS’s for reduced Cost of Ownership and minimal Time To Market
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Have an enterprise application requiring a SaaS porting
    • Have a desktop application that you’d like to market to the long tail with Freemium model
  • Mobile Phone
    • Need a iPhone and Android business, social or branding application

Customer References:

When considering offshore development resources, it can be a daunting task to find a reliable shop. From the moment I spoke with Ali and his team, it was obvious we found the right fit. Working with them has been a pleasure! I am no longer dealing with the project triangle because 7Vals can deliver with speed and quality at a great price!

Wes Wong

Product Manager



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At 7Vals we believe in a set of values to enable constructive and meaningful collaboration amongst ourselves as well as with our customers. Everyone in the organization is held accountable to the same values.

Our emphasis on the following 7 core values coupled with industry experience ensures productivity and quality:

  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Share / OpenSource



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We’re proud to be Development Partners with the following firms:


New Relic offers RPM, a Performance Management solution that enables developers and operations teams to quickly and cost effectively monitor, diagnose, and fix application performance problems in real time. More than 5000 organizations use New Relic RPM to monitor and optimize their web applications. New Relic is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about New Relic, visit www.NewRelic.com.

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