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Why 7Vals

Are you on the lookout for a technology firm where mediocrity is frowned upon? Where everyone is as passionate about technology as you are? Where the energy levels are so high, they’re intoxicating? We are the company where you will be able to rise above the challenges. In a nutshell, 7Vals is a company where your ideas are nurtured, information is not suppressed or spun and interesting technical problems are solved through engineering rigor. 7Vals stands for something meaningful, and the work itself is intrinsically rewarding.
We are a team of passionate and dedicated individuals building easy-to-use software delivering amazing user experiences, best-in-class functionality, and enterprise scalability We would love to discuss your career aspirations, connect with our HR team through hr@7vals.com
Apart from all that we offer as an institution, we also have an ever-increasing bucket of rewards waiting for you, some of which are mentioned below:
Car Loan
Internal Hiring
Residence Allowance
Employee Referral
GYM Allowance
Mental Health Allowance
Marriage Bonus
Training & Development
Profit Sharing
Lunch on the house
Leave Encashment
Tax Incentive
Paternity Leaves
Hajj Leaves
Team Achievement Recognition
Bi-Annual Bonuses
Provident Fund
Parents health insurance
Spouse Health Insurance
Maternity Leaves
Umrah Leaves
Device Purchase Policy
Internet Device Policy
Work from Home Policy


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